Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Juggling act

Well, the footy boys have a rest day today, which I know comes as a relief to both the players and spectators. After a good win in their first game yesterday, they had a narrow loss in their afternoon match. There were a few concussions and some very sore bodies, so I know having a day off today will be very welcome. Many of the boys have also just finished playing in the school First IV rugby union team, and I'm sure that fatigue has definitely set in. Thanks so much to everyone for the support, I know if the boys had time to read your comments they'd be thrilled!

So today, I was planning to catch up on some long-overdue housework, and getting stuck into some more painting for my upcoming webstore (more on that soon!) But that won't be happening, as I'm taking my youngest daughter back to the doctor for the third time this month. She's been suffering with terrible migraines, and we're having very little luck getting them under control. This is something that no-one in our family has any experience with, and unfortunately it's proving hard to find the right treatment. At fourteen, it's been really difficult for her to try to cope with school, sport and friends, while suffering with debilitating headaches. So fingers crossed, we find a solution and get her back to her normal, happy and pain-free self really soon.

Somewhere, in amongst all the happenings in the family, I'm trying to find the time to do all the things that need to be done - to be a mum, wife, and run a business. Of course, some things have fallen by the wayside, and the house looks like a bomb site! But, in the whole scheme of things, the housework is so unimportant, and I'm focusing on looking after my family first. So, I do apologise for my absence at the moment, I can assure you that I am reading each and every one of your wonderful comments, and I really appreciate that you take the time out of your busy day to visit my blog. I know I'm not alone, we all have our own juggling acts to perform, so thanks to each and every one of you.

On a positive note, my bff Bill toiled away tirelessly yesterday, to finish my ceiling. It was so nice to come home to see it looking all pretty and white. As soon as I get the time, I'll take some pics of the finished product. And as I can't possibly post without including some pretty pictures, here are a few, just because they're beautiful!

windsor smith

 carolyne roehm

Sorry for the long post, but that is my life at the moment. And if anyone out there has any experience with migraines, or some advice on what's worked for them, I'd be really grateful. I'm happy to try anything if it will help.

Have a great day everyone,


  1. Oh Kerry your poor daughter, I can only imagine how terrible it must be for her. My sister suffers from migranes and along with avoiding the usual triggers like caffeine she visits a chiropracter regularly to ensure her neck and spine are in alignment. I also visit the Osteopath on a regular basis as I have slight scoliosis and find that I suffer from terrible headaches when my back and neck are twisted. I pray that you find a way for her to be pain free. xx

  2. Ooops sorry Kerri, I think I spelt your name wrong earlier! My apologies! xx

  3. Hi sorry to hear your daughter is still struggling with those horrible migraines. I don't have any experience of them either so I am no help whatsoever I'm sorry. All I can do is say hang in there, let the housework go (it's never a solution for anything in my experience) and do what you need to do. We, of course will be hanging out here whenever you get back to us. Take care xx

  4. Kerri, this post will touch a chord with many of us I'm sure.
    Many of us won't have expereinced a migraine but will know that is a terrible event via helping someone near and dear to us deal with them. And like Kerry has said all of the peripheral things like housework can be let go because they are just that, peripheral.

    Keep focussing on the central element of your life, your family and all that you love.

    You'll be receiving lots of good energy from the blogging world hoping that everything is back on an even keel very soon.
    x Felicity

  5. Hi Kerri, your life is particularly hectic at the moment, your poor daughter my husband gets migraines at times & he finds massage for his neck & upper back help. If she uses the computer alot these upper body muscles tend to get quite tight. My sister also got them from her wisdom teeth growing sideways & pushing her aother teeth. Good luck finding the source. We will keep our fingers crossed for you all!!

  6. Kerri, always best to get advice from your doctor as she is terribly young but after I had my second child I started suffering from them and after many visits to my doctor I was prescribed Imigran and I have never looked back. Take care

  7. Hi Kerri
    My sister suffered with severe migraines in high school. You know the ones that brought on vomiting and a long sleep in a dark room. She was often being collected from school early. The doctors put her on a drug called Periactin. While it made her tired it brought the migraines under control. She also figured out there were a few triggers in her diet, etc. She eventually came off the medication and rarely suffers one now as an adult.

    All the best Kerri. I know it probably doesn't do much to help but wanted your daughter to know she isn't the only one.


  8. Hi Kerri, I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. I don't know of any solutions... my sister also suffers this and just has to sleep them off. Take care!

  9. Your poor daughter! I hope you find some answers soon. I know what you mean about housework being so unimportant in the scheme of things :)

  10. How awful for your daughter. I do hope you get it sorted out soon. I think you need to forget about the housework and give yourself a break eg a nice cuppa and a good magazine.
    Take care, Sarah :)

  11. Hi Kerri I suffered with migraines at a similar age and it turned out to be a hormonal thing. I used to have to sleep it off in the dark and sometimes after vomitting it would improve. Poor sweetheart.
    Family first anything else can wait

  12. Hi Kerri,
    My 12yo daughter has migraines which were 2 days long. We saw a paediatrician for necessary checkups, and then started a diary of sleep, meals etc. We discovered her triggers were overtiredness and dehydration and now avoid those situations. They are also cyclical, which hopefully she will grow out of. (I did) We have found that 2 nurofen and off to bed as soon as she realises she is getting a migraine is the only cure - apparently your digestion stops working during a migraine and as nurofen are absorbed in the stomach they can start to work quickly. If we miss that early time though they can last a day or more. I hope you can find a way to manage them with her. Often you can get like a "hangover" after the migraine which is awful as well and needs rest till it goes away.

  13. Hi Kerri .. sounds like you are having quite a week (+ some). Hope she feels better soon. Maybe try accupunture. I find that fixes almost everything. But maybe migraines are worse? Best wishes, forget the housework (just don't invite visitors for the week) and look forward to reading your posts again soon (-:

  14. Hi Kerry,
    Life sounds so hectic for you atm.. but can totally relate.... Has your Dr referred your daughter to a peadiatrician?? Or can you ask for a referral??? 14 is a tricky age... but usually the Paeds (Drs) will see them until 16yrs.... The other option is referral to a neurologist even a paediatric one??? who specialises in this sort of thing... Have they identified the cause?? Sometimes you have to push the GP for referrals etc... but think in this case you should try... (I am a nurse in ED...)anyway hope this helps or you have it sorted by now...
    Hugs Lou xx
    And I do really feel for your daughter as I also suffer is so horrible...

  15. I hope your daughter is ok. Have you thought of perhaps trying a neurosurgeon? GP's are really only good for referrals in these cases (sorry!) Let us know how you go..Rachaelxx

  16. Hi Kerri,
    As a migraine sufferer myself I know I always got a migraine when I was under a lot of personal stress. Usually work related but funnily enough I also suffered a migraine just after I got engaged (I was so overwhlmed by the excitement!)so for me, migraines were emotionally based. I found a really good cry, but somtimes actually throwing up made me feel better. I haven't had a migraine since leaving work to be with my kids! Maybe your daughter is experiencing alot of emotional stress. 14 is a tough age! Good luck.
    x Briohny.

  17. HOpe you're daighter feels better soon. Perhaps try Bowen therapy, its amazing how it has helped me. It's a type of massage but releases sort of trigger areas that you dont even know are going on. Highly recommend it.

    Hope things settle down for you soon darl, know how you feel. My hair is constantly on fire at the moment!

    Hope you all have a relaxing weekend xxx



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