Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paddington perfection

When we first moved to Brisbane from Sydney, we lived in the inner-city suburb of Auchenflower. The area is full of lovely period homes, mostly timber Queenslanders. On weekends, we'd spend our time driving around, looking at all the beautiful old homes, and often stopped in to the neighbouring suburb of Paddington.

One of my favourite houses in Paddington is now on the market. Latrobe Manor is a gorgeous colonial that's undergone a huge renovation, and the old girl has been given a new lease on life. Take a look at her now:

To sweeten the deal even more, this home is to be auctioned as a package, complete with an adjoining three bedroom cottage, perfect as guest quarters/home office/teenagers' retreat. 

See you at the auction!


  1. Paddington Brisbane...Paddington Sydney...Paddington Bear. I don't think there's ever been a Paddington I didn't love. Can I come and stay with my bear when you win at auction??

  2. Oh my, what an exquisite home! I love that bathroom!

  3. Wow, that's amazing!! That kitchen would be perfect in my place (scaled down just a touch!)
    Let us know when to pack the bags for a visit!

  4. WOW! i love this style of house and i could so see myself setting up an office in that cottage...sigh...ill have to make do with my one bedroom apartment for now. Living in Sydney is way too expensive!
    sal x

  5. Okay, WOOOOW!!! Who wouldn't want to sit on that desk and sip a glass of homemeade granita in summer?

  6. Let me catch my breath.....! Wow, what an amazing home. I love the first pic of the front entrance, a hint of the beauty that lies beyond.

  7. Kerri: One word.....MAGIC! From the charming lace-like cut-out over the door and wrapping around the house, to the amazing outdoor spaces and little {!} guest house, this is NOT your ordinary home, but something out of a modern-day fairy tale. I wonder why it is being sold? Can you imagine being content anywhere else after living here??? Hope you win the auction!!
    xx P&H

  8. Wow Kerri what a great house. I love it! How perfectly gorgeous! xx

  9. oh my gosh that kitchen literally took my heart away!!!!!!!!
    love that house!!!!!!!!
    just thought i'd let you know...i have a little award for you over at mine...only as i'm posting tonite & i want to make sure you know i think your blog is fab.....
    would love to see you at the auction {tee hee}, but i'd never make it in time...
    melissa x

  10. Yes! it's definetly a wonderful house, Kerri!!

  11. Wow, the kitchen the deck the bathroom the...everything! love it!

  12. What a grand old lady! I love the formal planting in the courtyard. This house even has views!
    You'd need skates in that kitchen... not feeling it in the kitchen, noooooo.

  13. I m your newest follower, your blog is wonderful. Greetings from Europe - Croatia:)

  14. Oh my, the scrollwork in front on the porch! Someone is going to be very lucky to acquire this one.

  15. Hi Kerri, love the timeless feel of this place, it will never go out of fashion. You are the winner of my Coastal Living Giveaway! Let me know your details so I can send out the magazine. xx

  16. I would so love to be in the market to buy that absolute gem!



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