Friday, April 16, 2010

My weekend entertainment

I have a few projects on the go at the moment, so my weekend will be busy with lots of DIY. I picked these beauties up a few weeks ago, and they're on my list for some makeover magic this weekend.

But I have a dilemma. Do I paint them white, for the ultimate in flexibility, or do I go crazy with colour? These chairs may be going to a new home with a client of mine, and she's happy to give me carte blanche as far as colour is concerned. If only there weren't so many gorgeous options! Like these:

  from here

from here
Windsor Smith via decorpad

from Anna Spiro' s lovely blog

I do realise this isn't a chair, but you get my drift

So what do you think? It's so hard to commit to just one colour. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

I'm signing off for the weekend, so bye for now, and I'll be back next week with the chairs all painted and pretty. I'll also have some new artwork to share as well.

So have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you next week.


  1. Gorgeous chair! I've just finished a similar one for one of the bedrooms. I played it safe - white with blue and white striped cushions. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  2. ooh, ooh you can come and entertain me with that sort of thing any time Kerri! Those chairs look gorgeous, but we know I'm not the person to ask for an opinion...far too indecisive. As some wise woman said to me yesterday *wink*...what time will people be in the room with the chairs it a daytime or a nighttime room..what sort of fabric will you use for the fabric etc? Go wild and have fun though I say! Happy weekend bloss xx

  3. I do like red chairs. But then I can see them in yellow too. Or one of each. Or maybe a pretty shade of blue. I'm so glad I don't have to decide!

  4. Love the chairs! Too many options, all those pics were stunning. I am a white or black with accent colour type of gal so that's where I'm leaning. What sort of paint will you use?
    As I have a chair like that and I picked up a little side table the other day I'm thinking of painting and you've inspired me!
    Have a lovely day,

  5. oops...Have a great week-end painting x

  6. Kerri what a find! I love the white and then add colour on the cushions. black looks so striking and how can you go past a splash of colour :( sorry no help, I'm confused for you xxx

  7. What gorgeous chairs, they're going to look fabulous painted! I say go with a hit of colour :)

  8. The chairs are lovely, particularly the backs. As for colour, I think it depends on what else is in your client's home..sorry, no help! Rxx

  9. Hello Kerri,
    Congrats on your win on the giveaway over at Nellie's
    Love your inspiring site and I will keep visiting.


  10. My vote is to go crazy with colour :-) You could really have a great time with the cushion fabrics too. Looks like a fun project!!

    You're officially counted in for our Empowering Giveaway :-) Thanks so much for participating. Good luck!!


  11. The possibilities are, I'd go for black. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with these wonderful chairs.

  12. Hi Kerri
    you can't go wrong with white or ivory but I'd so love to see them in pastel shades like pistachio green or even pale lilac?!!
    Caribbean chic, that is!
    xxx Flaviana

  13. Thanks guys for all your advice, but I'm still so undecided! I think I'll sleep on it and make a decision in the morning. I do have a matching two seater so I may split the set and paint them different colours. But who knows, I definitely don't!
    Have a great weekend,
    K xx

  14. It's a tough one isn't it? I have two adirondack chairs that I'm painting two different colours (white and yellow) and tying together with yellow and white and black and white pillows. Natalie Walton gave me the idea when she posted about her powder coated chairs:

    You can't go past white though. Ohh, a tough one! They are gorgeous chairs, can't wait to see the outcome.

  15. i love these chairs, i think the style is so classic. i know exactly how you feel, that is my dilemma. i chicken out so fast that i just end up using neutral colors. but, red is what i have thought of when i get one or gray blue...i cant wait for the finished products. have a great weekend! maryann

  16. I suppose it depends on where the chairs will be placed. Inside or outside on a porch?? White is always lovely, flexible and safe. I like the different color chairs. That's a fun and whimsical approach. You might paint the two seater in one color and then the two chairs in another. I'll be looking forward to seeing your results!!

    Susan and Bentley

  17. I love the orange! Have a great weekend.

  18. If it was for my polace, i'd go black and then the cushikons could go anywhere - pink rubie green chevrons or a turquoise florence broadhurst, or even just a ticking in any colour.

    good luck!

  19. I'd paint either black or white and add colour in the fabric or cushions.

  20. I would definitly go for colour, but this is very personal of course. with me it is all about colour. Love the coral red!

  21. I'm thinking black. Or if you do white - a creamy white. Totally timeless!! These are great, great, great chairs!! Marija



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