Monday, May 6, 2013

It's black and white..

In the process of designing our new house, I thought I had at least a couple of things locked in. Timber floors - yep. Weatherboard exterior - for sure. White timber windows...definitely? They were a no-brainer until I came across my new obsession - black windows. I can't decide which way to go, and  I really love both options....


or white...

Or maybe I'll just pretend I'm Victoria Grayson and go black inside, white out...

and take tea in my fabulous living room...

What to do, what to do? And I know, it's definitely a #firstworldproblem...

all pics are from my Pinterest page, so just click to go to their source


  1. That is a dilemma !! Afraid I cant help you with that question , I would feel the same. I think though the black does lend itself to a more certain decor where the white goes with most. I would only choose the black if the rooms were large & very light filled. Nice to see you back on the blog ! I thought everyone had left last year , until recently I discovered they all went to instagram !!
    Karyn x

  2. A blog post!! I have to say go white...although black looks fab in your inspiration images. xx

  3. The black looks fabulous. I faced the same dilemma in my home, so I did a black front door but kept the french doors white.

  4. A dilemma I currently have! Unsure whether to go charcoal windows or white. Both look amazing... Although I might be learning towards Victoria Grayson's idea... white inside and charcoal on the outside :)



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