Monday, December 13, 2010

It's party time

Just popping in quickly this morning, before I head off to my art class's Christmas party. It's been suggested (very unfairly in my opinion) that there's more eating and chatting than painting taking place at my Monday class, but for today at least that's what it's all about. The presents are wrapped, the food all prepared, and we're all set to go. Oh, and to get into the spirit of the day, here's a quick pic of my tree - I've gone for a turquoise and silver theme this year.

 (although it looks like gold and turquoise at night!)

Sorry for being a little awol lately, but this rain has played havoc with my phone lines, and my internet connection has been fickle at best. But on a brighter note, guess what - the pool is being finished as we speak. The last of the interior work will be done this morning, and the water tanker is on standby to start filling her up. Hallelujah! 

Have a great day everyone,


  1. Kerri, I love your colors so YOU!! Have fun at your party,Kathysue

  2. People say exactly the same thing about my book club! Have a wonderful time, and the tree looks beautiful. And I am very envious of that pool :)

  3. Well I love your colors! The blue looks so rich and vibrant against the tree.

  4. Your tree looks so pretty. I love the idea of colour theme, but can't bear the thought of not including all the decs collected over the years making an appearance. This means a real mis match of colours for me.
    I bet you're excited about the pool, glad it looks like it will ready soon.
    Enjoy the party.

  5. Your tree looks lovely, even if only a small patch of it. Maybe you could show us the rest too?
    Have fun at your lunch! x

  6. Enjoy your Xmas party! Your tree looks great and it looks like you will have your pool ready for Xmas, yay!! Xx

  7. Love the turquoise Kerri. A stunning tree. (mine has the same colors too, but not a green tree - to post about very soon)
    Rebecca x



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